Heroic Catholic

Welcome to Heroic Catholic Headquarters!

Business Card AHere’s my mission:

Heroic Catholic was founded in 2014 to bring Catholics everywhere to a deeper appreciation of our Catholic Faith and to nurture in all a desire to grow in understanding of our Catholic Faith.
Because we cannot be half-hearted Catholics, we must be Heroic Catholics , ones who are ready to stand up and proclaim to the world “I AM CATHOLIC!”

My Three Goals for Teenagers and Young Adults:

1: To LOVE our faith! Through exploring the layers and levels of Catholicism,  reading about the lives of the Saints, and just talking about the great gift this Faith we share is – we need to fall in love with our faith every day. Because once we are in love with our faith, we will be inspired to…

2: To LEARN our faith! If you love a book series, a TV show, a sports team, you learn about them and know more than just ‘I like/love this’. It should be the same with our faith! The love we have for our faith should encourage us to learn, learn everything we can, and discover day in and day out just how much beauty and meaning there is concerning everything about Catholicism. Learn the Bible, the Catechism, study the Church Fathers or Thomas Aquinas – we all have a need to learn. Because if we don’t learn our faith, then how can we meet my third goal? That is…

3: To LIVE our faith! Once we’ve fallen in love and started to learn, we can begin to live our our faith in all that we do as Christ has called us to! We’re able to take the examples from Saints and apply their paths to holiness to our own paths to Heroic Catholicism! We can all be Heroes of our faith – so start living it out today!


So, go on! Explore the site! Read about my current book that’s out, check out the blog for posts on Catholicism and updates on future books, find reading suggestions for all ages, and there’s even a place for YOU to contact me if you have a question or a comment!

Catherine Stewart
Founder: Heroic Catholic, LLC