About the Author

Update: 2017

19 now! Sophomore, still in Lousiana, and still studying Business Management. It’s seeming like a good career path.

Heroic Catholic remains near and dear to me – I launched a new YouTube Series in January, called “Heroic Catholic Weekly” that has been going pretty well! (well….almost weekly. Sometimes school or other life events will get in the way, but I’m okay with that.)

My faith is always going to be the center of my life. I hope I can share that love and desire with you.


UPDATE 2016:

My name is Catherine M. Stewart – I’m 18 years old and a college freshman down in South Louisiana, studying business management.  For years I’ve been studying my faith and learning how to live it out each and every day of my life, also learning how to handle being challenged or questioned – hence why I wrote How to Become a Heroic Catholic. I’m a Church History nerd, and my bookshelves are filled with books like Aquinas’s Summa Theologica, works from the first 5 centuries of Christianity, and all sorts of other books on the Faith. It’s my love, it’s my life. I want to share it with you.


Other random facts:

I’m a pro-life leader, have been for a while.

I’m an actress – but my favorite kind of acting is Improv. Last year I made a team that went to a  national competition. It was awesome.

I’m an artist – my bedroom walls are covered in paintings I’ve done over the years.

I write more than just non-fiction, I’ve written fiction novels (none published yet) and several hundred poems (handful of which have been published).

And I think that’s about it!


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