The Heroic Catholic’s Bookshelf

To be a Heroic Catholic means continuing to educate yourself on the Faith, always seeking to learn and understand more.

These books will encourage a deeper love of Catholicism, a more thorough understanding of our Faith, and just show you that there are good Catholic books out there that aren’t all dry and boring and dull. I have fiction on there, mysteries, fairy-tales, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, so much more!  Check them out! Request ones at your library that they don’t have! Reading is a necessary part of a Heroic Catholic’s life. You can’t skip it.

I have lists of suggestions for Elementary through High School and College – just follow the links below to get to the one you want.

Though, please, don’t be afraid to decide you want to read a book that’s on a list for a lower-age group. I list these at the lowest possible grade to be able to read and understand them. And lots of them – like all the Saints stories and things like that – are enjoyed by all ages.  For those in the school systems, I’ve marked which ones are actually part of the Accelerated Reader Program.  Try to read at least one book from one of these lists (or other good Catholic book) a month. It’s not hard. It’s a challenge for you – and I know you can do it.


Teenagers and YA (geared specifically towards age range of like 14 – 23) :


Middle and Upper elementary School (Ages like 9-13) :


Elementary School and Preschool (Ages 3-8) :








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