A late post on the Assumption of Mary

“Therefore the Virgin is immortal to this day, seeing that He who had dwelt in her transported her to the regions of her Assumption.” Timothy of Jerusalem (500 AD)

Happy Feast of the Assumption! I know this post is a few days late, but it’s still cool, right? 

And while it wasn’t until 1950 that the Assumption of Mary was defined as dogma (Pope Pius XII’s MUNIFICENTISSIMUS DEUS), the belief of Mary’s assumption into Heaven was present long before.
The Blessed Virgin Mary, (referred to as simply “the Virgin” or “Virgin Mary” in many of the early writings, dating from as early as 90 AD. #funfact) has held, and will hold, a special place of honor in the hearts of the faithful. The more I study what the very first Catholics wrote, the more I realize just how special Mary is.

She’s not worshiped by us. (the heretical sect of Kollyridians offered worship to her, and their heretical society was put down by St. Epiphanius of Salamis in the 4th Century, who is perhaps best remembered for his polemics against the Kollyridians and the Antidicomarianates )

Jesus honored her. That’s pretty obvious. And therefore because He first honored her, so we do as well. As St. Epiphanius said,
“Whoever honors the Lord also honors the holy [vessel]; who instead dishonors the holy vessel also dishonors his Master. Mary herself is that holy Virgin, that is, the holy vessel.”

I could put so many, many quotes from the earliest centuries from the Church Fathers about Mary. (I have two huge books of them! ) but I’ll  put this single one. From the poet, St. Ephrem the Syrian;

“You alone and your Mother are more beautiful than any others, for their is no blemish in You nor any stains upon your Mother. Who of my children can compare in beauty to these?”

As for when the book will be released, I’m waiting to hear back from 2 people. They said they’d be back to me by the end of August. I’m expecting to be releasing the book in early/mid September. It’s on God’s time, not mine! He has a plan for the day and time to release it. All I must do is trust. 

In Christ,