A voice for the voiceless

Today marks the 42nd anniversary of a tragedy. This tragedy has taken the lives of over 57 million children. That’s not counting how many other lives have been injured. How many women have been forever scarred. How many men have been hurt by the loss of their child. How many siblings who are changed when they learn there should have been another face in that family picture.  How many people who were going to change the world were never given the chance. How many best friends were brutally torn apart. This tragedy is like a rock thrown into a pond. The single event sends ripples out, spreading far and wide. What is it, you may ask? Abortion.

What is abortion? To some it’s “terminating a pregnancy” or “exercising the right to choose”. What it really is, however, is something far darker. Abortion is the taking of a child’s life. I’ll spare you the gruesome details of how that is done. but you can Google it yourself if you want to feel your heart break into pieces. Because it’s awful. It’s horrific. It is the most barbaric crime that is legal and protected under law right now. In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled, in the case called Roe v. Wade, that abortion was legal.

As Catholics we are charged with the duty of upholding the value and dignity of each and every human life, from the moment of conception until natural death. You cannot be Catholic and “pro-choice”. The two are incompatible. As Heroic Catholics we will take a stand against this barbaric form death. We must. There is never a reason for abortion to be okay. And if we stand idly by and allow others to kill innocent babies then we are not doing our job.

The Church has been fighting this battle since long before Roe v. Wade was decided upon though. The Didache, the earliest Catechism written around 50 A.D., tells us that “..you shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill what is begotten…”. 

And St. John Chrysostom writes about it as well:


We must take a stand against all crimes against the dignity and value of human life. The biggest crime today is abortion. There are other pro-life issues, such as Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, In Vitro Fertilization, and more. Today I’m focusing on the one that has taken 57,000,000 + lives. I encourage you to pray today for all those who are, who have been, and who are considering being involved in an abortion.

OH. One last thing: There’s this HUGE March for Life going on today in Washington D.C! Pray for all those who are on it, it’s amazing and awesome and perhaps one year I will be able to go and participate in person rather than in spirit!

And here’s a quote from Pope Francis:

“Each child who is unborn, but unjustly condemned to be aborted, bears the face of Jesus Christ, bears the face of the Lord, who, even before He was born, and then as soon as He was born, experienced the rejection of the world.”

Now go! Be the Pro-Life Generation!

Say it with me: “I am the Pro-Life Generation!” now turn to somebody around you and say, “YOU are the Pro-Life Generation!” now say it together, “WE ARE the Pro-Life Generation!”

WE will end abortion. We will see life respected and valued as it should be. Be the voice for the voiceless. Be a hero. I know you can.

Below is a poem I wrote a few years ago, it was a challenge from a friend for me to try out writing a poem of epic proportions (meaning REALLY LONG) so I did, and the result is a 24 page, 195 stanza (or 196 or 194 – I lost count), poem on the Pro-Life movement.  Read it if you want, I felt like I needed to include it today.



An Endless March

Marching onward

with no end in sight

The silent warriors praying

For a stop to this “right”


Surely, they reason

This cannot remain so

The decision made

They pray it will go


“Today it’s okay

For the innocent to die?

Since when does the law

Ignore the cries?”


The enemy advances

Invading and taking charge

The people take a stand

Too stop the giant at large


The opposing gain ground

For now a new fortress

Is there to be found

And along with that fortress


comes all the sorrow

Of the children who won’t experience

The day of tomorrow.

This she shrugs off


And walks in anyway

To find out the truth

And how much she has to pay

Seated in a chair


With a positive test

To schedule an appointment

That will take care of the rest

The silent pleading


And the ongoing prayer

She gives the cold shoulder

To those who really care

“How many days


Must I deal with this ‘thing’”

That’s how much she reduced

The gift from the King

The woman to whom she was speaking


Opened up a book

And wrote down the girl’s name

Told her how long it took

“No one has to know


What you are doing

They can’t make you

Do something you’re rueing”

She took their advice


And signed off on the page

Ignoring the question

Concerning her age

Inside she was crying


And so very scared

If her mother found out

She woudln’t ever care

In fact, she thought


She would tell me I’m right

This thing inside me

Won’t be worth the fight

And so she left


With her cheeks stained with tears

Her body a wreck

And left with her fears

No one to tell her


That she’ll be okay

All she had left

Was a voice trying to stay

She walked to her car


And got inside

He would bring her to his house

Where she would reside

A victim of crimes


And no way to get out

She was too afraid

To let loose a shout

So now as she rode


And watched the people pray

She wanted them to help

She wished that they may

The day of the sentence


Drew closer and near

Her ‘thing’ was growing

And becoming very dear

She told him her thoughts


And for that she cried

He would kill her

If the thing didn’t die

Shaking and sobbing


She walked in again

The place seemed dreadful

And she had no friends

Years she had been hidden


Away from this world

Kept in a house

Where she couldn’t be heard

Now given the chance


To run away

She feared he would find her

And force her to stay

They told her she’d be alright


That things would be fine

Then they put her to sleep

So she wouldn’t whine

An hour later


She awoke in pain

Her baby was dead

What had she gained?

He took her back home


And tuned out her screams

As the baby she destroyed

Haunted her dreams

All this happened


Because of a law

No one cared for the girl

And too soon she would fall

The armies of people


Praying as one

Hoped things would soon change

And the race would be run

A man joined their forces


After he found out the news

That his wife of ten years

Was changing her views

He wanted to save


The child inside

But she was saying no

And left his side

So much had changed


He had reasoned

Since the days when they were young

Was it the change of the seasons?

He talked to the police


And he pleaded his cause

But as a father

He was told to mind the laws

No one would care


That it was his boy

THat she wanted dead

Like he was a broken toy

His voice wasn’t heard


And he mourned his loss

As she told him the news

His child was thrown out like moss

And so the enemy


Claimed another life

A baby destroyed

Purely out of strife

The legions of souls


Pleading for an end

To the war on these children

What more could they send?

Roses began to cover the ground


Petals and thorns together

The symbolism sharp

A reminder of the lives lost forever

She entered with no mind


To take life away

But her mind was changed

When she heard what her parents had to say

“You’re a failure,


you’ll never go far

All our money and dreams

Fed to the gar”

So pressured and angry


She ignored the petals on the ground

And crushed them beneath her heel

No love could be found

How dare these people


Try to end her right

To make a decision

Not start a fight

She cursed their names


And shook her head

Those people, she decided

Shouldn’t have gotten out of bed

And again the opposers


Destroyed a love

A child that was a gift

From heaven above

The people were saddened


And nearly turned away

Nothing they did

Could change this way

The thousands were falling


And millions already had

Yet many average people

Found no reason to be sad

After all, why would they?


To them it wasn’t a life

Nor a child at heart

They wanted to decide

When life would truly start


But still they persisted

And joined in their prayers

With those not yet born

to show their cares


Mommy, please say no

This isn’t the way I want to go

Daddy said he wants me to stay

Please don’t make me go away


I have my whole life to live

Please listen as I pray

My angel tells me I shouldn’t be scared

But I worry you don’t really care!


Mommy, please know that I love you

And I want to live!

I really do…

A heart was changed


And a child saved

A drop of white

In a black, empty cave

The war goes on


Unending murders and kills

All bending to the choosing

And what the woman wills

The fight goes on


And the warriors never tire

For inside them burns

A lifegiving fire

She walked from her car


And knelt down on the ground

Her knees cold and wet

But joy would abound

One day, so many years ago


She had been one to say

This wasn’t the way to go

But now, as she joined the cause

She hated to see women


Put life on pause

She wept for their lives

And for those lives that the ended

She wanted to be able


To have them all friended

For she knew in her heart

That all it would take

Is someone to listen


To all the heartache

When she made her choice

At the age of fifteen

No one told her


What it would really mean

She was alone

And had nowhere to turn

For she had a job


And had money to earn

Her family depended

On her willingness to work

And to care for a baby


Not a day could she shirk

So she silenced her cries

And thought she was being brave

All the while


There was a life she could have saved

Brought back from her memories

She noticed a sound

So slight and quiet


It was hard to be found

But it was the crying

Of a woman who was scared

Who needed a friend


Or someone who cared

Up from her knees

And she ran down the lane

Finding a girl


Hiding in the rain

At first ignored

And then told to leave

She asked what was wrong


And what did she need?

The girl wiped her eyes

And took a step towards her

“I need to get away”


Then she began to shiver.

A few more minutes

Of careful listening

And the story she found


Was most interesting

This girl was but twelve

And thrown out of home

Sent to the streets


Where she could roam

Her parents were mad

And her boyfriend no good

She was pregnant and upset


“Could you help me” she could.

A wound that was healed

And a smiling face

The woman received so much


Much more than just grace

Still, though all this joy

There’s no seeming end

To the killing of girls and boys


Hope is being lost

And joy thrown out

What is needed now

Is someone to scream and shout


A young girl

Took this task upon herself

And took lots of books

Off the library shelf


She studied on her own

Until she knew

Enough to say

Only what was true


But all too quickly

Her confidence wavered

They ripped her apart

Like a country road paver


She resolved to try again

And this time be strong

All the while the thousands

Lost in the wrong


Praying and fasting

Is what they were told

Would help bring an end

To this evil, not of old


They joined hand in hand

And so formed a chain

Standing outside

In the wind and the rain


Some turned away

When this they saw

Others just ignored them

And liked the law


They pleaded to have

THe praying removed

But the police found

There was nothing they could do.


It was perfectly legal

To gather and pray

So, to the abortionists dismay

The praying could stay.


It became the “new normal”

For some to curse

The lives of the prayerful

And attack their free verse


Such people like this one

Who were lost and alone

They did not know better

All they did was moan


She took up her stance

Holding her sign

Against the praying

Fighting against time


Her mother and family

Backed her up

They chanted and screamed

But someone asked, “what’s up?”


A kind young fellow

With a rosary in hand

Approached the crowd

This wasn’t planned


He looked at the girl

And then to her sign

And asked her this question

“Do you have some time?”


The girl was confused,

but ready to defend

Her points of view

This man’s view mend


“What do you want?

My mind is decided

I’ll talk to you

But no change is provided.”


The young man nodded

And just smiled to her

“I won’t change your mind

I just want to hear your answer.”


And so the two talked

For over an hour

The conversation was cut short

By an April shower


But by this time

The two were smiling

Laughing at a joke

Over the atrocious tiling


They shook hands

And parted for the day

But emails were exchanged

They had much more to say


Days like this

Happened more frequently

When the young people stood up

And spoke their view gently


But still, the ongoing war

With battles raging forward

THe end it somewhat near

But there’s a lot to work towards


Manning their stations

With weapons in hand

They have a constant vigil

Over the whole land


Some go out

And nobly speak to the crowds

Sometimes they listen

Other times they are run out


Others will sit

At their computer desks

And write up articles

That tell of the rest


These reach far and wide

With todays technology

But still not enough

To hold the raging sea


So many more stories

of the lives lost today

3700 are missing

That’s 3700 more than yesterday


The souls of the lost

With the cry of those being destroyed

rips at the hearts

Of all the girls and boys


They plead for their life

And wish for a chance

But no one can hear them

And they get speared with a lance


Sometimes though

They indeed survive

But then left on their own

They have no choice but to die


Unwanted by some

Loved by many

These little ones are finished

Thrown out like a penny


The workers and such

Who stand there all day

Leading women in

Just interested in their pay


One lady went in

With a sting in mind

To see if the truth

Could come out, she’d find


Her story was woven

And her tales so tall

But in the midst of these lies

It seemed very small


She got the evidence

Needed to condemn

And soon it went global

Attacking them


They tried to deny it

But the evidence was clear

Although nothing much

Could be done, as was feared


And so went the years

With silent pleas

To make this evil illegal

They were on their knees


Foundations were formed

And businesses started

To open the doors

To those not so close-hearted


One choice to save

A decision to live

She walked into the welcoming doors

And was glad she did


They comforted her tears

And told her not to worry

She smiled and felt safe

The months passed in a flurry


And proudly she came

Back one day

With her child in her hands

And thanked them for coming her way


A change was beginning

Could the tide turn?

After all these years

For what would these people yearn.


They watched yet another

Young girl walk in

And they shed her tears

As her child was thrown in a bin


Her mother had made her

And for year after year

She could hardly sleep

So great was her fear


The face of her child

Lost in the night

She ran and ran

But found no light


Seeking forgiveness

And wishing for love

She turned to the Church

And prayed to Above


It took many years

But soon she could say

I’m ready to move on

From that fateful day


This girl was blessed

And found a love so true

Many children had she

And many more smiles, too


But always, that thought

In the back of her mind

Made her turn away

She couldn’t release the bind


Joining hands with the others

Now growing to many

They prayed and they wished

For the children who seemed worth less than a penny


The voices of those

Who coudln’t be heard

Blended with all

And helped the hearts turn


Listen to us

We beg and we plead

Let us stay living

Give us a chance to breathe


Mommy and Daddy

Don’t destroy us all

But give us our days

To jump in the leaves of fall


Unanimous cries

And singing hearts

Making their way

It’s a good start.


Little children came out

With their mothers in tow

They wanted to see

The prayerful row


Each day more were lost

Yet a few were found

The minds were turning

Turning right around


All to often they watched

The child taken away

But the occasional joy

Of the one who got to stay


Legislators began

To pass some new laws

That helped greatly

This life giving cause


Still not enought

And just more cause for worry

As the enemy approached them

In more than a hurry


“Repeal the laws”

“Give us our rights”

“You can’t tell us all

How we live our life!”


Calmly and quietly

The speakers refuted

The claims of those

Who were so soon uprooted


Annual events

Soon came to be

Where people as a Nations

Prayed with a great need


They marched the Capitol

And swarmed the streets

With organized chaos

To the enemy, greet


Showing their faces

With great pride

They waited for a president

Who would take their side


Still, the wating

Has been going on

And things have gone worse

As the days have been done


Still choosing death

Over a natural right

That was granted to us all

When this Country first came to light


He wanted to stop her

But there he stood

With his little child in his hands

He wasn’t welcome in this neighborhood


How silly, he thought

That I cannot bring her inside

When the one carried by my wife

Can go in their to die


Why can’t I take

My little one as well?

To help convince her Mamma

The other one is swell


He banged on the door

But his words were ignored

As he waited outside

The thunder began to roar


Defeated at heart,

He retreated to his car

Where he could take shelter

From the rain coming from afar


In the midst of the storm

He saw a small light

Outside his window

Burning bright


At that moment,

He was certain he knew

His little angel

Was in heaven, it’s true


Head in his hands

He began to cry

And picked up the little girl

Saying, “Don’t you dare die.”


Onlookers watched

As this scene unfolded

Their prayers hadn’t been answered

Fate was already molded


Why didn’t his voice matter?

He wondered later that day

As he sat in the Church

Trying to think of what to say


He lost his little baby

As though it wasn’t his

And now he had to try

To love and forgive


Onward they marched

Each year, early on

To show support

For the ones unloved


Braving the snow

And ignoring the ice

They walked as one

Their meaning concise


Moving as a Nation

To show the whole truth

Of the terrible crimes

Allowed to take roost


Over and over

For years this has gone by

And still the law is in place

No one hears the silent cries


They think it’s for the best

That this remain a choice

But when did we have the right

To silence someone’s voice?


A country of twisted tales

Mixed with plenty of lies

Is what we have become

As our original Constitution dies


How long until once more

Freedom can reign

And all will be pleased

Can we be that again?


Candles float on the lake

As a sad and silent reminder

Of the millions gone

They thought it to be kinder


Other places have flags

In pink and blue

A vivid way to remind us

What we have done, it’s true


And still others

Will give up their voice

For just a day or so

To make their point


They bring to the surface

What happens to those

When the doors to the buildings

Don’t remain closed


Over a million a year

In this place alone

How can we ever

This behaviour, condone?


A troubling time

We have entered in

And so is this the start

of something much too big?


They look at the flag

And think of what it means

Then look at the Nation

And see the crushed dreams.


Clashing swords

Made of plastic and ink

The goal in mind

The other ship to sink!


An endless battle

Of wits and wills

All the while

More innocent blood spills


Ceaselessly murdered

For no fault of their own

Never will they

Know the comforts of a home


Some say it’s better

For them to not live

Than to live the life

That the parents could give


Such words and sayings

Many take to heart

And make the decision

To rip life apart


She ran to the clinic

To escape from her fears

Of the man she lived with

Who often brought her to tears


The child was growing

And she didn’t want it alive

Because then she’d have to care for it

And she’d sooner die


When offered her options

There was but one

She took it and all too soon

The deed was done


The bullets flew

Swift and fast

With so much against them

How can these laws last?


A tragic tale

Yet ringing out true

And young people ask

“Well what can I do?”


They’re scared to stand up

Because of what could go wrong

But with leadership

They’ll go right along


Still though, fears reign

Is it enough, or is this in vain?

Will there ever be a day

When the killings and murders will go away?


Marching forward

In an endless line

The people take a stand

All of the time


The end is getting closer

Finally in sight

WHen enough people stood up

To do what was right


It’s still an uphill battle

But the way is clear

WIth praying and speaking

The day shall draw near


Changing a mind

And touching a heart

Helping others

Sets them apart.


A kind word

Or gentle face

Could save someone

With ease and grace


They looked at her eyes

And told her no lies

She didn’t have to do this

Because doing this she despised


One took her hand

And lead her across the street

Where she would be met with kindess

And smiling faces would greet


They would care for both her

And the baby inside

Keeping both mother and child

Happy and alive


Cheers went up

From the surrounding crowd

As with a choice for life

Joy will abound


The battle is still going

But the tide has turned

The people are changing

And freedom for all life is yearned


Until that day comes

When victory reigns

And even thereafter

Prayers shall be said again and again


Especially now

When times are most trying

People are worried

About the children dying


And onward the soldiers marched

Forward with smiles

Their loving ways

Stretched for miles


The homeward journey

Would soon be complete

Then they would be done

And up off the streets


But the trials and toils

Gave them not a care

For hand in hand

They walked with prayer


No swords or guns

But with their weapons at hand

A string of beads

Against the law of the land


Some with their signs

Others with their books

Not caring at all

About all the weird looks


Onward they walk

Again and again

Until life shall win

And love shall reign once again.


The silent pleas

Have not been ignored

In fact, with the others

They are implored.


Souls of those

Sent to heaven above

Keep turning the hearts

So that all might love


Intercede on our part

And keep us in mind

As we hope to live

And see the sun shine.


Give our thanks to the ones

Who fight for our cause

Until the day

When truth reigns in the laws


Thanks be for all

Those fighting for life

And standing up for

All that’s right.


So ends this tale

But the battle is true

Protecting the next generation

Is a job for me and you.


Walking the Walk

In How to Become a Heroic Catholic, I remind people that we are all called to spread the word of Christ and the Faith which He established here on earth. It’s a universal call we all share. I encourage all my readers to be bold and unafraid when spreading their Faith!

That’s something that is easy to ask others to do. Doing it myself? That’s a bit trickier. I’ll admit – it’s far easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk. Today I had to go far out of my comfort zone and talk in front of – not a huge crowd, not a full Church of eyes staring at me, nothing like that – but an even harder audience: my fellow teenagers. Now, I know, you might be tempted to think that it’d be easier. For some people that may be true. For me it’s not. But when you’re trying to do as God is calling you will have to do things that might push what you’re comfortable doing. He’ll always give you the strength you need to do His will though. That’s something I’ve learned.

Anyway, let me tell you a bit more about the talk I gave today and the experience it was. It was amazing.

I walk up to the school and see this on windows:

photo (38)

That’s me. And my book. ON A POSTER. Like – that has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen. They gave me one of them ^_^ it’s going in my scrapbook.

Seriously though, it was just a “WOW” moment. These people were putting up signs, getting students excited, about me coming talk to them. How humbling is that, to realize how much people are looking up to you, how much they are wanting to share in the message of Christ…just awesome. I don’ t know that I can describe how it makes me feel. It’s a terrific feeling, I think. What I guess I mean is that this is beyond what I could have imagined back in 2013 when I began writing this book. Had I known that God would call me to start speaking and getting in front of groups to promote and share the book, there is a good chance it never would have made it past the rough draft.  So God was patient with me, He slowly is revealing all He is calling me to be and do. And I’m okay with that. Taking it one step at a time.

I tried to tell the students (all highschool, by the way) about my writing process and how much work goes into books. I certainly got a reaction from them after showing them how many different drafts of Heroic Catholic it took before the final draft was done:

photo 2 (17)

(That’s one 3″ binder stuffed full, and three 1″ binders stuffed full. 11 drafts in all shown right there.)

And how even after that, you still find errors in your proof copy:

photo 4 (8)

It was neat to be able to tell them and have them truly appreciate all the work that goes into writing. Some of them were writers – so I made sure to tell them that it’s all worth it. Because it truly is. It may not have been fun to sit there and edit through all that, having people point out every little thing that is wrong, but it was worth it. So that I could put out the best book of my ability.

The highschoolers asked a lot of questions. Which was nice – I was scared I’d be standing up in the front in awkward silence. Instead, they asked me questions like “How long did writing take?” (rough draft took ~3 months). And “What’s your writing process like?”

To explain the answer to that one, I pointed to my nice board:

photo 1 (14)

That board has my plot and outline for the pro-life book I’m working on.  I used a similar process when planning out Heroic Catholic. (Except I hadn’t upgraded to post-it notes yet. I was using index cards and tape for Heroic Catholic).

I had a great time talking to the students at St. Michael’s. They were amazing. I look forward to the next time I get to talk to my fellow highschool students, the concept is slowly losing its terror.



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year y’all! Did you stay up till Midnight last night? I did. I actually stayed up till about 2am…hey, it’s the Holidays. It’s cool. 😉

Today is awesome in so many ways.  But first – we can’t forget that not only is today the New Year (!!!!) it’s also a solemnity in the Church! The Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

What is this solemnity about? Celebrating how Awesome God is. He allowed Mary to become the mother of His only Son – Jesus Christ our savior.

Just take a closer look at the “Hail Mary” with me:

When we say “Hail Mary” we are praising her for the awesome things God has allowed to come through her.

When we say “Full of Grace” like the Angel Gabriel did, we are recognizing that God even let Mary be free from sin! She was full of Grace! So that she would be prepared to receive into her womb the King of Kings – the Second Person in the Holy Trinity – Jesus who is God.

When we say “The Lord is with thee” we realize that God is/was with Mary the whole time. He had set her apart from women, as we see in the next line:

“Blessed art thou among women!” She is the New Eve, chosen by God to bring our Savoir into the world. She is blessed! And we rightly call her so!

“Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus” This is pretty obvious. The fruit of Mary’s womb is Jesus. 😉 We are calling Jesus Blessed, as His is.

When we say, “Holy Mary” we are glorifying Mary for how God has sanctified her and made her Holy!

“Mother of God” – this is simple. Mary is the Mother of Jesus. Jesus is God. Therefore Mary is the Mother of God!

“Pray for us sinners” Mary can pray for us. The saints in Heaven can pray for us. We are simply asking that Mary will intercede for us, pray for us, help us out.

“Now and at the hour of our death” we want the prayers of Mary now and until we die. Because Jesus gave Mary to us as our Mother when he was on the cross. I want my earthly mother to pray for me – just like I want my Heavenly Mother to pray for me.

Amen. I believe.

We honor Mary because God saw fit to honor her, and Jesus honored her here on Earth.

So that’s your religion lesson from me for today 😉

BUT before I move on, a couple quotes from the early Church Fathers on Mary:

“Even though Eve had Adam for a husband, she was still a virgin…. By disobeying, she became the cause of death for herself and for the whole human race. IN the same way, Mary, though she also had a husband, was still a virgin, and by obeying, she became the cause of salvation for herself and for the whole human race…. The knot of Eve’s disobedience was untied by Mary’s obedience. What eve bound through her unbelief, Mary loosed by her faith.” – St. Irenaeus of Lyons (born ~150 A.D.)

“Christ, being God, became man for our sake and was born of Mary, Mother of God, to free us from the devil’s power” – St. Athanasius (On Virginity 3 [Mid 300’s] )

“If anyone does not agree that Holy Mary is Mother of God, he is at odds with the Godhead.” [Letters to Cledonius the Priest 101 (A.D. 382)] – St. Gregory of Nazianz

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.


 Now, onto other matters.

I found out something really neat today! One of the author groups I’m part of on Facebook posted a challenge today: Find the 2,015th word in your book.  So I looked up my 2,015th word. Guess what it is?


That’s awesome, isn’t it? A little sign, in my  mind, that I’m doing the right thing.

Guess what last year’s word was? “When”. And you know what most of last year was about? Wondering “When” this book would be done and published!

The year before that? “Now.” in 2013 I started writing this book. And my 2,013th word was “Now”.  The time for me to begin it was “Now”. How cool? 😀

God is so awesome! I love these little neat signs He leaves.

Also, I don’t know if you saw my facebook post or not – but two weekends ago I had the opportunity to talk about me and my book after all Masses at my parish.  After Mass, people had the opportunity to purchase the book as well. I sold out completely. We had 415 books on hand. Counting all the ones we found under seats in the car, in purses and bags, etc. Every single one of them was sold. That’s 415 people, at least, who will be able to learn something about their Faith through my words! That’s incredible!

It’s all through Him. God is allowing these awesome things to happen. I love it.

Only bad thing about running out of books is it takes almost 2 weeks to get more in stock! But that’s a good problem to have 😉 Very good problem.

I wish y’all a happy New Year. May it be filled with blessings, learning, Faith, hope, charity, and love. Keep God at your center and He’ll guide your way. I know it.  God is working amazing things.

Love y’all, praying for y’all! Please continue to keep me in your prayers as well. This New Year will bring lots of good things.