Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day. The one day out of the year that we all celebrate our Mothers. I don’t know about you, but I feel like there should be more than one day that we celebrate our mothers every year. Don’t you sometimes wish that you could just tell the whole world how amazing your mom is? How much you love her?

I’m blessed to have such an amazing mom as I do. We have a good relationship, she’s always encouraging me and helping me in thousands of ways, and I love her. She’s always been there for me. If I was to list all the ways she’s helped me to learn, to grow, and to love – this post would never end.

When I think about how much I love my mom, it makes me think about how much Jesus loves His mother – the Blessed Virgin Mary. To Him she’s not “The Immaculate Conception” or “The Undoer of Knots” or “Most Holy Virgin Mother” or “Lady of Grace” – Mary is His Mommy. Jesus loves her more than I can ever love my mom.

He loves her so much that He gave her to all of us, He’s willing to share His mommy with the entire world.  When He was dying on the cross, in unspeakable amounts of pain, He saw His mommy there at the foot of the cross. Knowing that she was watching her little boy, all grown up now, and dying for the sake of the world, He gave to us someone He loves dearly. In that moment He gave us His mommy. Knowing that she would mother us all and help us to learn, to grow, and to love.

And so we honor Mary. We praise her. We love her. And we celebrate her. Because she’s Jesus’s Mommy!  Because she’s OUR Mommy! Caring for us as her children, loving us, teaching us, guiding us to the way of perfection – the way of the Cross, the way to Christ. How can we do anything but recognize that and praise that? Not just on Mother’s Day – but on many days. If I could, I’d have holidays set to mark the amazing things my own mom has done. I bet most of us would want the same. Imagine if you could have the whole world celebrating your mom’s birthday. Celebrating your parent’s anniversary. Just recognizing the amazingness and awesomeness of YOUR mom.

I think that’d be pretty awesome.

Would Jesus want anything less for His mom?

Think about it.

And a Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there.

God Bless,