New Blog!

Hey, Heroic Catholics!


This website is gonna be changing a bit soon. I decided to start a new site –

Diary of a Catholic Geek

to be my personal blog and place where I will generally geek out about Catholicism and share things like sneak peeks at books and poetry I write.

Don’t worry! This site (Heroic Catholic) will still be up and running. News on talks I give, updates on books, general random Apologetics info I think is useful – you’ll find all that here still.

But if you want to follow my  personal blog, go check it out! It’s easier for me to post there often, as it just feels kinda weird to post random musings on my ‘professional’ website/blog.



1/4 of the way done with the rough draft of my next book. It’s at about 50 pages and I’m excited!

Once the rough draft is done, I’ll share more info on it with you. Because you’re awesome.