I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – to be a Catholic is to be Pro-Life. You can’t be Catholic and pro-choice. It just doesn’t work.

That being said, let me tell you a little about what LSU’s Students For Life Club spent yesterday doing.

We were out on campus by 6:30am (which is incredibly early for most of us, myself included!) to set up a huge display on the parade grounds. What did this display consist of? 2844 pink and blue flags. Why that number? Check the picture below and you’ll see:

Why 2844

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast thinks that Louisiana needs 2844 more abortions every year to be “healthy” and they want to provide those abortions at the new clinic they’re trying to build in New Orleans. So each flag represents one child Planned Parenthood thinks needs to be aborted. Isn’t that horrific?

And get this – the new clinic was supposed to be up and running by now. Instead it’s still in the building stages, early building stages. So there are at least 2844 babies who were born in the last year that Planned Parenthood thinks shouldn’t have been born – but aborted.  Isn’t that insane?!

We also had big boards set up with all kinds of information:

photo 4photo 3photo 2-2 photo 3-2 photo 1-2

All day long we had people coming and talking to us about the exhibit, what it meant, and we made a whole lot of people start thinking about what Planned Parenthood is really about. It was a good day.

Here’s some pictures of the flags:

photo 2photo 1

We’re in the middle of 40 days for life right now! Do something to stand for life – whether it be praying outside an abortion clinic, wearing a pro-life t-shirt, or just offering prayers for all those affected by and involved with abortion.




Happy New Year!

Happy New Year y’all! Did you stay up till Midnight last night? I did. I actually stayed up till about 2am…hey, it’s the Holidays. It’s cool. 😉

Today is awesome in so many ways.  But first – we can’t forget that not only is today the New Year (!!!!) it’s also a solemnity in the Church! The Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

What is this solemnity about? Celebrating how Awesome God is. He allowed Mary to become the mother of His only Son – Jesus Christ our savior.

Just take a closer look at the “Hail Mary” with me:

When we say “Hail Mary” we are praising her for the awesome things God has allowed to come through her.

When we say “Full of Grace” like the Angel Gabriel did, we are recognizing that God even let Mary be free from sin! She was full of Grace! So that she would be prepared to receive into her womb the King of Kings – the Second Person in the Holy Trinity – Jesus who is God.

When we say “The Lord is with thee” we realize that God is/was with Mary the whole time. He had set her apart from women, as we see in the next line:

“Blessed art thou among women!” She is the New Eve, chosen by God to bring our Savoir into the world. She is blessed! And we rightly call her so!

“Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus” This is pretty obvious. The fruit of Mary’s womb is Jesus. 😉 We are calling Jesus Blessed, as His is.

When we say, “Holy Mary” we are glorifying Mary for how God has sanctified her and made her Holy!

“Mother of God” – this is simple. Mary is the Mother of Jesus. Jesus is God. Therefore Mary is the Mother of God!

“Pray for us sinners” Mary can pray for us. The saints in Heaven can pray for us. We are simply asking that Mary will intercede for us, pray for us, help us out.

“Now and at the hour of our death” we want the prayers of Mary now and until we die. Because Jesus gave Mary to us as our Mother when he was on the cross. I want my earthly mother to pray for me – just like I want my Heavenly Mother to pray for me.

Amen. I believe.

We honor Mary because God saw fit to honor her, and Jesus honored her here on Earth.

So that’s your religion lesson from me for today 😉

BUT before I move on, a couple quotes from the early Church Fathers on Mary:

“Even though Eve had Adam for a husband, she was still a virgin…. By disobeying, she became the cause of death for herself and for the whole human race. IN the same way, Mary, though she also had a husband, was still a virgin, and by obeying, she became the cause of salvation for herself and for the whole human race…. The knot of Eve’s disobedience was untied by Mary’s obedience. What eve bound through her unbelief, Mary loosed by her faith.” – St. Irenaeus of Lyons (born ~150 A.D.)

“Christ, being God, became man for our sake and was born of Mary, Mother of God, to free us from the devil’s power” – St. Athanasius (On Virginity 3 [Mid 300’s] )

“If anyone does not agree that Holy Mary is Mother of God, he is at odds with the Godhead.” [Letters to Cledonius the Priest 101 (A.D. 382)] – St. Gregory of Nazianz

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.


 Now, onto other matters.

I found out something really neat today! One of the author groups I’m part of on Facebook posted a challenge today: Find the 2,015th word in your book.  So I looked up my 2,015th word. Guess what it is?


That’s awesome, isn’t it? A little sign, in my  mind, that I’m doing the right thing.

Guess what last year’s word was? “When”. And you know what most of last year was about? Wondering “When” this book would be done and published!

The year before that? “Now.” in 2013 I started writing this book. And my 2,013th word was “Now”.  The time for me to begin it was “Now”. How cool? 😀

God is so awesome! I love these little neat signs He leaves.

Also, I don’t know if you saw my facebook post or not – but two weekends ago I had the opportunity to talk about me and my book after all Masses at my parish.  After Mass, people had the opportunity to purchase the book as well. I sold out completely. We had 415 books on hand. Counting all the ones we found under seats in the car, in purses and bags, etc. Every single one of them was sold. That’s 415 people, at least, who will be able to learn something about their Faith through my words! That’s incredible!

It’s all through Him. God is allowing these awesome things to happen. I love it.

Only bad thing about running out of books is it takes almost 2 weeks to get more in stock! But that’s a good problem to have 😉 Very good problem.

I wish y’all a happy New Year. May it be filled with blessings, learning, Faith, hope, charity, and love. Keep God at your center and He’ll guide your way. I know it.  God is working amazing things.

Love y’all, praying for y’all! Please continue to keep me in your prayers as well. This New Year will bring lots of good things.



Book Update #2!

Hey y’all! I know it’s been a little while since I posted, and I apologize for that. I went on a lovely week long vacation to Orange Beach with my family. It was wonderful, aside from getting to eat sand after a wave pulled me off my boogie board. (not something I”d recommend you try)

Anyway, so when I got back from the beach I was able to put a few more touches on the back cover, and a few other little things like that. I also got back a copy of my book from the last person I had sent it to for review…that I had kinda forgotten about. And she had a lot of good comments and suggestions. That meant going and doing another draft, polishing it up, and then resending that to my publisher along with the fixed covers. All these little things add to the timeline for when it’ll be released. I still don’t have a solid release date yet. I’m hoping it’ll be just a couple weeks.

I’m excited to announce though that I’ve started work on the outline for another apologetics book, this one on Pro-Life apologetics. Being pro-life and being Catholic go hand in hand. You can’t be Catholic and “pro-choice”. You simply can’t. Anyone who tells you otherwise is mistaken. And part of being a heroic Catholic is knowing how to defend all those who have no voice. The children in the womb especially. I’ll post updates on that book as they come, right now my *very* optimistic goal is to have the rough draft completed by mid July. Then the really fun part begins.

I hope that all y’all’s summers are going wonderfully, and happy Feast of the Ascension!