Book Update #2!

Hey y’all! I know it’s been a little while since I posted, and I apologize for that. I went on a lovely week long vacation to Orange Beach with my family. It was wonderful, aside from getting to eat sand after a wave pulled me off my boogie board. (not something I”d recommend you try)

Anyway, so when I got back from the beach I was able to put a few more touches on the back cover, and a few other little things like that. I also got back a copy of my book from the last person I had sent it to for review…that I had kinda forgotten about. And she had a lot of good comments and suggestions. That meant going and doing another draft, polishing it up, and then resending that to my publisher along with the fixed covers. All these little things add to the timeline for when it’ll be released. I still don’t have a solid release date yet. I’m hoping it’ll be just a couple weeks.

I’m excited to announce though that I’ve started work on the outline for another apologetics book, this one on Pro-Life apologetics. Being pro-life and being Catholic go hand in hand. You can’t be Catholic and “pro-choice”. You simply can’t. Anyone who tells you otherwise is mistaken. And part of being a heroic Catholic is knowing how to defend all those who have no voice. The children in the womb especially. I’ll post updates on that book as they come, right now my *very* optimistic goal is to have the rough draft completed by mid July. Then the really fun part begins.

I hope that all y’all’s summers are going wonderfully, and happy Feast of the Ascension!


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