If not Scripture Alone…

then what?

Last week we examined the case for breaking down Sola Scriptura using a collection of quotes, both biblically and historically based:

Ubi Est Sola Scriptura 1 Ubi Est Sola Scriptura 2 Ubi Est Sola Scriptura 3 Ubi Est Sola Scriptura 4 Ubi Est Sola Scriptura 5 Ubi Est Sola Scriptura 6 Ubi Est Sola Scriptura 7 Ubi Est Sola Scriptura 8 Ubi Est Sola Scriptura 9 Ubi Est Sola Scriptura 10

And it was seen how the doctrine of Sola Scriptura, or the Bible Alone – with its meaning up to the interpretation of anyone who picks up the Bible – doesn’t hold up.

But is there a case for Tradition? Where do we get this belief – Apostolic Tradition- from?

I’ll show you 😉

This week we’ll look at that. The case of Tradition!

I’m not talking about traditions like going to Grandma’s on thanksgiving, I’m talking about capital “T” Tradition.

It’s pretty neat. Our first quote comes from the Bible, St. Paul is commending the Corinthians on keeping the Traditions he has delivered them.

Tradition 1
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