Happy Friday!

Some exciting things have happened this week!  From a book launch party on Sunday, to reaching a major milestone in the realm of Facebook….things have been going well here at Heroic Catholic Central. 😉 All praise and glory to God! Seriously. He’s the one making any of this possible.
I reached OVER 100 likes on the Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/HowToBecomeAHeroicCatholic):


Y’all – I’m so excited about that! From Monday to Now I’ve had close to 50 new likes. This is amazing!

One awesome fan received her book as a Birthday Present, and shared this epic photo with me:

She couldn’t wait to get her hands on a copy!

A couple days later, she shared her thoughts on what she’s read so far: “On chapter five and I already love this book! IT’S AWESOME!”


And last, but not least, my parish’s bulletin for this week features an article that I have to say is pretty sweet.

“So often we hear complaints about teenagers, but here is one in our midst,
who is truly making a difference in life and in faith!”
(Read the full article here) http://stpatrickbr.org/shamrock/November_16,_2014.pdf
Having the prayers, love, and support from my home parish means a lot to me.  I’ve grown up in St. Patrick parish, I teach 8th grade religion there, help out with the (amazing and beautiful) Children’s Choir…it’s a home to me.

I love it.

Our God is an Awesome God. One who knows our needs, and gives to us the strength and joy to do as He asks.  Every night I give to Him all that I am, all that I have, all I can offer. In return – He blesses His servant and grants peace and joy in the heart of His child.  Thanks be to God. Alleluia. Yes, I believe. Amen.



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