Radio time!

Guess what?

Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 7:30, I’ll be Catholic Community Radio – a local radio station – discussing the book! Follow link below to be able to listen live or tune in at the station listed!


Isn’t that cool?! I’m excited.

Also, since Christmas is coming up in just over a month – I’m running a sweet sale on hard-cover books! Just $20 each, plus shipping, and you can get them signed with a personalized message!


God is working amazing things!  How much more awesome can it get than to be able to do what He is calling me to do? I love it.  Keep up the prayers – and I pray for y’all all daily.



Want to order a book today? Find it here!

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One thought on “Radio time!

  1. Catherine,
    You did a great job on the Baton Rouge Catholic Community Radio program!! Would love to have the opportunity for you to do a book tour in parish CCD programs. What a blessing you are.
    Holy Family

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